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Pyrrhic Awakening
Masquerade City
Sect: The Camarilla
Chapter: New York, NY
Storyteller: Marshall Crutchfield

Welcome to Pyrrhic Awakening!

My name is Marshall, I’m your lead storyteller and I’d like to take a moment to describe the world we are introducing you to, and my theory on gamer and how can have the best time possible playing in our game of personal horror.

First, we need to delve into the world. I’ve spent decades designing the campaign you are about to enter. It is people with thousands of NPC, hundreds of unique locations and endless amounts of plot. It is dark, designed to highlight the wrongs of society – excess wealth, poverty, cruelty and the shame that is the human condition. It is set to show the weakness of the individual, and the strength of the spirit. It intends to test you, mightily, to hold on to what is good and to fight for dear life not become one of them. The NPCs, the myriad settings all exist to assist you in that journey. It can be overwhelming, and it is intended to seem so. We hope that in this theatric fog you will experience some of the most exciting adventures of your life.

To me every player is not playing a vampire- after all there is no such thing as vampires. You are playing a human. A human who has found themselves in a terrible mess. Every artifice, ever solicitation, every group that exist in the vampiric world is foreign and designed to enslave you. To strip you of choice freedom and will. Those that embark on the paths created by these foreign powers do so only in a vain attempt to save themselves by using the tools of the master against him. They fail. They always fail. You always lose. This is not a game about winning, it is a game of self-discovery. Those that play it to win, to achieve something, to design their characters in a certain way have opted not to play the game I intend to run. So, come with an open mind. Don’t create a vampire – create a human – after all vampires do not exist. You may win a battle, but ultimately you lose the war, the goal is to learn something about yourself along the way.

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