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Philadelphia Sabbat

Known NPCs

This is a list of Named/Notable NPCs in the Jyhad Eternal Chronicle. This is all common knowledge.

There are Sabbat members in Philadelphia outside of PCs. They are assumed to always be out doing their own thing for survival, unless actively engaged by the PCs.

Name Clan Faction (if known) Status
Dawn Michaels Pander Pander Movement Active
Avery Gains Coyote Pander Movement Active
Amin Rashidi Harbinger of Skulls Pander Movement Active
Ocean Breeze Serpent of the Light Order of St. Blaise Missing (2010)
Jeremiah Drogace Crusader Order of St. Blaise Missing (2010)
Amelie Bridges Daughter Order of St. Blaise Missing (2010)
Olav Gangrel Moderate Active
Kamile Novikaite Telyav Status Quo Active
Minas Petroulis Serpent of the Light Moderate Deployed (Jan 2020)
Amalda Nosferatu Black Hand Active
Dragomir Tzimisce Orthodox Active
Esma Grey Ravnos Pander Movement Active
Salazar de Figueredo Lasombra Ultra-conservative Active
Isabel Weiner Toreador Ultra-conservative Active
Bartholomew Stanley Ventrue Ultra-conservative Active
Thibaut Chauff Brujah Loyalists Active
Týra Danivalsdóttir Gangrel Inquisition Active
Quinziano Sapio Malkavian Loyalists Active
Thanatos Salubri Loyalists
Yami Salubri Orthodox
Yama Salubri Ultra-conservative
Saraton Salubri None

Masquerade City
Sect: The Sabbat
Chapter: Philadelphia, PA
Storyteller: DJ Hicks

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