DJ Abernathy (Abby)

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DJ Abernathy
Masquerade Character
Pronouns: She/Her
Clan: Clan Tremere
Sect: The Camarilla
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Player: Brittie

Commonly Known Information

Name: DJ Abernathy

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Clan Tremere

Social Status: Neonate


  • Ya girls favorite DJ
  • 1337 Hax0r; Master of all Thaumaturgical Arts
  • Partnered with the Bureau of Obscure Nocturnal Enigmas
  • Can be seen (or sometimes unseen) being followed by an asshole ghost named Eleanor.
  • Clumsy AS SHIT.

Public Timeline

  • Born, August 1975
  • Moved to Pittsburgh, December 1995
  • Embraced, December 1995

Leads wanted

  • Anyone who has a lead on sweet PC parts
  • Anyone who wants to talk ghosts and creepy things
  • Anyone who has a copy of the new Ferry Corsten vinyl
  • Leads on the disappearance of Johnny Wright


  • DJ Abernathy is rumored to have terrifying things in her backpack. You should definitely not ask to see them
  • Taught David Guetta everything he knows
  • Was actually considered to be in the movie "Hackers" before they decided to go with Angelina Jolie