Daria Gray

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Daria Gray
Masquerade Character
Pronouns: she/her these days
Clan: Clan Toreador
Sect: The Camarilla
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Player: Imani Thomas

(stub page for my character)


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Time Line

  • Late 1800s Dorian Travels Northern Africa and Europe with sire before they settle down in Paris
  • 1890 Dorian released as new neonate in Paris, France
  • 1950 Dorian Leaves Paris.
  • 1960 Daria visits Court in London
  • 1961 Daria Returns to Paris
  • 2022 Daria leaves Paris for Pittsburgh

Ties Wanted

  • anyone Appearance focused.
  • anyone to have fought/sparred with
  • anyone who would have been a source of interesting disruptions.
  • anyone let's make up a story!

Quotes and Rumors

  • "She'll have a difficult time on her own, being Gray instead of Grey, but she brings a lot to the table working with others. Those alternate spellings can really make things tricky." - Sophie Souterraine
Add some here!


  • Confirmed (Ancilla)
  • Courteous
  • Honorable