Edelweiss Rästel

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Edelweiss Rätsel
Masquerade Character
Pronouns: She/Her, It/Its
Clan: Clan Lasombra
Sect: The Independents
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Devin Konstans


Edelweiss Rätsel was embraced in the Black Forest of Germany in the early 1800s by her sire, Hoenheim Rätsel, a reclusive scholar and abyssal mystic. Hoenheim educated Edelweiss in everything he knew, but kept her hidden away in a secure but abandoned monastery, only allowing her the briefest excursions away from the haven to feed. This changed recently, however, when a chance encounter inspired the restless Edelweiss to strike out on her own, arriving in Philadelphia after a series of misadventures. Now on her own and away from her oppressive sire, Edelweiss wishes to see the world and gain practical insight concerning all the things she has only learned from books and theory.

Ties Wanted

  • Anyone who may have worked with/for Hoenheim that would have led to Edelweiss traveling to the States
  • Anyone who would be willing to help the inexperienced Kiasyd establish a haven
  • Someone to introduce her to the local Camarilla court and/or local Anarch gangs