Raziel Goldwyn

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Raziel Goldwyn
Masquerade Character
Pronouns: he/him
Clan: Clan Brujah
Sect: The Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Yetti Ferrell

Hear the wind usher him in, The Dybbuk of Berlin

He'll Find you sleeping in your bed, you need not let him in

He's Come to redress all your wrongs, he knows your every sin

So make your peace before he shows, The Dybbuk of Berlin

Auf einen Blick

  • Clan: Brujah
  • Generation: Neonate
  • Sect: Camarilla
  • Position: Primogen

Mich kennenlernen

Raziel was mostly known for his time in Paris and Berlin as a bogeyman to the remaining fascist movements that persisted there after World War II. Known to those who fear him and employ him he has become the Dybbuk of Berlin and is known to be a scorched earth policy for hire. After entering into the employ of elder Eva of clan Nosferatu, Raziel moved to America to set up her holdings and to reestablish himself on American Soil. The Dybbuk is still accepting clients however, and is willing to make your foes fear you for the right price.

Gerüchte und Klatsch

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Die Zeitspanne

  • Born in Wittenberg, Germany in 1918
  • 1938 Fleeing the Fledgling war, Found himself in Paris where he took up a position as a linguist for the French government
  • 1940, Raziel was embraced by a man named Erasmus of clan Brujah and after his accounting was left to make his way in the world
  • 1950 After the war Raziel returns to Germany to Berlin and reestablishes himself there.
  • 1955 The word of the Dybbuk of Berlin spread as Raziel becomes prominent in the Criminal underground
  • 1989 With the fall of the Berlin wall, Raziel moves back to Paris looking for a more interesting life
  • 1995 Entering into the Service of Elder Eva Merlot, Moved to America to set up her holdings. Starting in New York and eventually settling in Philadelphia
  • 2001 Raziel is appointed Primogen of Clan Brujah

Meine Lieblinge

  • Connections (either cooperative or antagonistic) to other kindred with ties to criminal organizations or contract killers
  • Connections Kindred with history in Germany or Paris
  • Connections to other members of Clan Brujah