The Family Man

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The Family Man [Camarilla NPC]
Masquerade Character
Pronouns: he/him
Clan: Clan Toreador
Sect: The Camarilla
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Player: Jacob Shpiece

Notable Traits

Appearance: An enormous man who appears to be in his early 40's, the Family Man takes up all of the space in whatever room he is in. His hair is white blond, with vivid dark blue eyes that make the rest of him seem almost bleached out - an effect accentuated by his tendency to dress in white. He is almost supernaturally attractive, to the point that those in his presence can experience vertigo watching him move.
Eerie Presence: The Family Man is almost impossibly large - no matter where he stands, he seems to loom over everyone around him.
Arcane: Something about his sheer presence makes it almost impossible to pin down exact details. Those who meet him remember the size of the man, the striking blue eyes...but when asked to describe anything else, they nearly always fall silent.

The Mask

There’s a story that mortals tell themselves. When a man who falls asleep on a doorstep on a cold night is missing the next day, or when there’s an empty seat at the soup kitchen, their fellows in desperation will eye the absence fearfully before turning to each other, giving an uncertain smile, and saying ‘It’s alright. The Family Man took them.’

Sometimes they’re right.

There’s another story, known to a slightly more select group of mortals. Among the precarious intersection between the talented and the desperate, the story goes like this. When a grifter has nowhere left to roam, when a confidence man sees his last bridge burning, when the night of reckoning comes at last...rumor has it that an offer will be made. When these illustrious vagabonds go missing, their peers chuckle, raise their dirty glasses in a toast, and say ‘What do you know. Guess the Family Man needed him for something.’

Sometimes they’re right too.


1840: The Family Man introduces himself to the burgeoning Court of Pittsburgh, naming himself the Head of a branch of an illustrious Toreador family.
1983: The Family Man enters torpor.
2023: The Family Man exits torpor.


"A good man who honors his boons, but his Herald's a dick" -Allen Yinzer.
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Has lovers among changelings, werewolves and mages.
The Family Man invited the Sables to take up residence in Pittsburgh, hoping that they would upset the balance of power in the city.
He has attempted to overthrow Prince Lyn on at least three occassions.
Primm & Proper used to be at war over territory with the Family Man, but since he's gone to ground there has been an uneasy truce.
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