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"Regere sanguine regere in veritatem est"

At a Glance

The Ventrue clan in Pittsburgh is a powerful group that prides itself on maintaining order and stability within the city. They are respected for their discipline and their ability to make tough decisions when necessary. They have often been called upon to mediate disputes between other clans and have been known to use diplomacy and negotiation to resolve conflicts. The Ventrue are also highly successful in the business world, with many members owning and operating successful companies in the city. This allows them to exert a great deal of influence over the local economy and to ensure that Pittsburgh continues to thrive. Overall, the Ventrue clan is a well-respected and vital component of Pittsburgh's vampire community, and their contributions to the city cannot be overstated.



The Ventrue organize themselves into what their Elders refer to as the Gerousia, often called The Board in modern nights. It is a council that usually consists of the eldest, most experienced Ventrue of a given locality.The Gerousia is an institution created by the Ventrue vampires to organize themselves and regulate clan policy. They effectively adjudicate Ventrue concerns within the city's territory, overseeing Ventrue business and political interests within a domain. Once a Ventrue ascends to the Gerousia's ranks, they cannot be removed except under the most dire of circumstances.

The Board is officially headed by the Praetor, who generally is the highest-ranking Camarilla title-holder. It is the Praetor who brings issues before the rest of the Board and hosts their meetings. Below the Praetors are the Aediles, who aid the Council and Praetor just as supervisors assist managers in a business. By their turn, the Questors act as assistants for their elders or otherwise experienced Ventrue. Below that rank lay the common Ventrue, without a formal title or useful experience to the Clan, called Eiren.

Pittsburgh is unique in that they have two Praetors who share decision making for the clan. Both Arthur Primm and Gabriel Saint guide any decision making, and they tend to ensure any decisions are unanimous before moving forward.

Known Members

Arthur Primm is the Master of Edifices and Primogen of Production and Distribution within the city of Pittsburgh. He has a degree of regional fame amongst Kindred due to his titles, and in the mortal world he is known as a wealthy financier of a chain of hotels along the East Coast. Oftentimes he will make public appearances or conduct speaking engagements that get a fair bit of attention locally.

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